WE Champion the challenger

Challenge by asking awkward questions

Challenge the insight, the strategy, the norm

Challenge the complacency within the category

Challenge the safe, the easy choice

Challenge anything that dilutes effectiveness

Challenge the culture that obstructs living the brand

Championing Challenger thinking and
turning it to number-hitting campaigns.

We are

We help challenger brands to be the natural alternative...

The world divides into the big guys, the small guys and the smart guys. We're here for the smart guys. The ones that the switched-on client is going to prefer. We'll work with you to get the brand foundations right and then take it to market with consistent,
single-minded 'lighthouse' intensity.

The strategic brand consultancy for the smart guys.


Experience, method and
single-minded discipline

Church is the place where big brand discipline meets challenger brand effectiveness. B2B, B2C and channel specialists who help challenger brands step-change what they do and the results it delivers.

Planning-led, creatively inspired teams dedicated
to the smart, fast-moving challenger.


We've worked with the global majors, we've worked with the plucky contender. Battle-scarred veterans of 23 years, our unique approach is yours for the asking...


Choosing the smart guy,
over the big guy

There's nothing wrong with going with the big market leader, if you like to play safe. But if you are an optimiser, a change-maker, a person or a business that just wants to get the job done in the smartest and fastest way, you just don't have time or patience for limitations and restrictions - human, technological or financial. This project started with a ground-up brand refresh right through to a hard-hitting through-the-line campaign.


How do you make a corporate icon
a consumer one?

BlackBerry was the corporate brand. They wanted to be the consumer brand. The perception was they were high-tarrif,
contract only.

Our brief was to communicate that the device coveted by
the elite, was now available to all.


Too many technology vendors, saying too much?
We helped AVG be different.

When everyone is telling you what they do, and when what they do is the same as everyone else, doing the same thing and expecting a better result is insanity. AVG launched a new technology platform for the IT support channel that offered a simple alternative to the over-spec'd, over-priced enterprise offerings. With an offering so compelling... Why complicate?


Lose your mobile, and it's like you
don't exist.

That's why selling mobile AntiVirus on obvious functional advantages would have been an opportunity lost.
So we didn't.

By dramatising the benefits to brand perception, phone utilisation and customer loyalty of pre-installing their brilliant mobile security offering, AVG changed their strategic dialogue with vendors and handset manufacturers.


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