Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble

You’re only ever talking to one person. That’s the old idea.

You should be able explain a campaign to your mate in the pub. If he gets it, you’re on to winner. But what if the pubs that directors, strategists and creatives drink in are slightly different than the people we’re selling to?

Yes, we’re only ever talking to one person. But we should ask ourselves, who is that person?

Sometimes ‘ad’ people live in a bubble, a microclimate often referred to as Shoreditch. Here the pubs are called cocktail bars. And it’s likely the mate your explaining your idea to also works in advertising.

He lives in a loft apartment. And together you sip Old Fashioned drinks in a post-modern setting, you quaff oysters and discuss the latest trends in the Austrian hip-hop scene.

He gets your campaign. He thinks it’s genius.

However, he doesn’t necessarily buy Vauxhalls, or flat-screen TVs, life insurance or whatever it is you’re actually selling. He isn’t necessarily the one you’re supposed to be talking to.

You may have a cool agency filled to the brim with self-proclaimed geniuses that work with an equally cool and creative brand that love your ideas. But, how’s that going to sell to a bloke in Rotherham?

Yes, we’re only ever selling to one person. But that person changes depending on your target audience.

Lynx smells like crap, and that’s why their adverts don’t look like Dior. There’s no point advertising like Dior do because Lynx are talking to an acne-ridden, 15-year-old boy. They know that and that’s why their ads work.

Time and time again agencies don’t reach the people they need to because they’re surrounded by people like them. They sell to the client rather than the customer, they sell to their mate down at the Vegan discothèque, they forget to think outside the bubble.

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