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Bubble Trouble

You’re only ever talking to one person. That’s the old idea.

You should be able explain a campaign to your mate in the pub. If he gets it, you’re on to winner. But what if the pubs that directors, strategists and creatives drink in are slightly different than the people we’re selling to?

Yes, we’re only ever talking to one person. But we should ask ourselves, who is that person?

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Marketing like a Fothermucker

Graeme Wallace, a disgruntled packing manager at Brewdog, was frustrated at being asked to be more punk so he decided to print ‘motherf**ker’ on the base of some cans of the Punk IPA cans.

When BrewDog were forced to recall 200,000 cans of beer, he probably thought he was going to be fired. He probably should have been, but he wasn’t, he was awarded with the employee of the month award.

Why? What on earth were they thinking?

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