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A small fish and a black sheep: Paul Theakston

As a Yorkshireman there are two things I hold dear. Good beer and a stubborn resilience. Nobody exemplifies these two characteristics more than Paul Theakston.

By the time Paul came along, the Theakston family had brewed beer for 5 generations.

He took over the brewery, based in the lovely North Yorkshire town of Masham, when he was just 22 years old and saw, through trial and error, the business grow.

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Football’s coming home

I was in the pub watching the England game last Saturday and I started to wonder what might kill me first, the beer or the football.

It seems every two years we allow ourselves to dream despite all the evidence telling us otherwise. Then we are brought back down to Earth in typically cruel fashion. It got me thinking of ‘3 Lions’ by Skinner and Baddiel.

In 1996 England was getting ready to host the European Championships. Lad culture was in full swing and Frank Skinner and David Baddiel, aside from Liam Gallagher’s haircut, were the comedic arm of the movement.

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